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    The construction of Bežigrad stadium, Ljubljana, designed by architect Jože Plečnik, 1935

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    A monument dedicated to King Alexander I in front of the Tobačna tobacco factory, 1935

    King Alexander I had been assassinated by a Bulgarian separatist in 1934 in Marseille, France. 

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  3. Illustration by Vilko Gliha Selan

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  4. illustration Ivica Antolčić

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    Skopje, Macedonia (by cinxxx)

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    Although a relatively minor power, King Nicholas I of Montenegro was a firm ally of Serbia in 1914, coming to her aid following the outbreak of war. He would be driven from power in 1916 as the country fell to Austro-Hungarian troops.


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    Yugoslavian partisan stands alongside a British tanker atop a Sherman “Firefly” tank, raising the flag to celebrate the liberation of Zagreb, 1945.

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    #architecture #shape #building #kolasin #montenegro #crnagora (at Kolašin)

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  10. Iftars in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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